Russian Standard Gold – New Luxury Vodka

Russian Standard Gold

Russian Standard Gold is a new luxury vodka that is made with Siberian ginseng extract.

Just launched in the United States, Russian Standard Gold uses the finest Russian ingredients, including carefully selected Siberian Golden Roots, giving it a uniquely rich, smooth taste.

Not only is Russian Standard Gold a delicious tasting vodka from Russia, but the bottle is quite unique and includes many unique design details including:

• The bottle design incorporates a proprietary motif inspired by the vyaz’ (Russian for ligature)
• About the iconic bear & eagle logo:
– The Russian Bear: A centuries-old symbol of Russians’ strength and determination, it occupies a central role in many enduring Russian fables (the Bear always faces the right/East).
– The Eagle: A centuries-old symbol of dynamism and intelligence, the double-headed eagle crest was the mark of the Czar’s family and the Imperial Russian state. It is now the official insignia of the Russian Federation (the Eagle always faces left/West).
• The unique shape and specially textured bottle of the Russian Standard Vodka is inspired by the 200 tonne bell commissioned by Tsarina Anna I, which stands at the foot of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower in Moscow.
• The spirit’s visual language is a testament to a Russian preference for rich, maximalist patterns, ornaments, and symbols in all their expressions of design, from the Fabergé egg to the Imperial carriages.
• Its gift box is embossed with a gold-foiled label expressing the tradition of Russian generosity and gift-giving.

So whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or having fun at an upcoming holiday party, Russian Standard Gold is a new spirit that should be on your “must have” list.

Russian Standard Gold is available from Russian Standard Vodka, providing of high-quality vodka and has a suggested retail price of $45.00.

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