FACUNDO Rum Collection – A Perfect Holiday Gift

Bacardi FACUNDO Rum Collection

The crazy holiday season is almost upon us. It will be a mad dash out at the local shopping malls or buying that perfect Christmas gift online. For someone who loves premium spirits, be sure to consider the FACUNDO Rum Collection.

The FACUNDO Rum Collection from Bacardi is an ideal choice for that special person in your life. It includes a selection of super premium spirits. As a result, you can easily stock your bar cart and be the hit hosting your next party.

The holiday season is a time to spend with friends and family. Take a step back, slow down and enjoy fun times. Leave the constant stress of life behind. This FACUNDO Rum Collection is perfect for all spirit enthusiasts.

Maybe you want to become a bartender or or serve up dazzling cocktails at your upcoming holiday party. This collection of delicious rums from FACUNDO is the right choice. It’s the first luxury collection of four of the most exquisite, extraordinary hand-blended sipping rums from Bacardi.

Rum lovers simply enjoy sipping their favorite rum. Bacardi has long been an iconic rum brand. Now connoisseurs everywhere can take part in this tradition by elevating rum tasting to an art form.

The amazing FACUNDO Rum Collection is a limited release of four rare blends of the finest aged sipping rums. Sourced from the Bacardi family’s private rum reserves. Therefore, the rum collection delivers the ultimate, smooth taste.

Hence, here’s a summary of the four rum blends that make up the FACUNDO Rum Collection:

1) FACUNDO NEO is a sheer blonde rum aged up to 8 years. Once blended the rum is filtered over activated carbon to remove any color.

2) FACUNDO EXIMO is a blend of medium to heavy bodied dark rums aged in fine oak barrels. EXIMO is the only marque of the FACUNDO Rum Collection to be blended before aging.

3) FACUNDO EXQUISITO marries younger rums aged seven years with matured rums aged 23 years aged in oak barrels and finished in sherry casks. After the aging process, the rums are blended, transferred and stored in sherry casks to rest for a minimum of one month, further enhancing the smoothness and silkiness.

4) FACUNDO PARAISO is a blend of dark rums aged up to 23 years that is filtered over activated carbon and then rested in French (XO) casks for a minimum of one month, creating the ultimate sipping experience.

Seems like this Bacardi rum collection makes for the perfect after-dinner or dessert companion. In addition, it will be a delight to your diner guests and also your taste buds.

The FACUNDO™ Rum Collection from Bacardi can be purchased at your favorite retail store.

Be sure to give a great holiday gift with the new FACUNDO Rum Collection. The Life of Luxury enjoys sharing the best luxury industry news in our luxury blog. We also offer a variety of luxury concierge services.

Photo: Bacardi


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