Roberta Freymann Cab Bag

Roberta Freymann cab bag
Courtesy of: Roberta Freymann

If you’re wondering what is that amazing handbag that Meryl Streep carries throughout the hit movie “It’s Complicated”, it’s called the “cab bag” by Roberta Freymann.

Fashion designer Roberta Freymann travels the world looking for various ways to introduce exotic cultures into her line of clothing and accessories.

Roberta Freymann is a global traveler and speaks five different languages, as well as owns her company.

Roberta Freymann cab bag

Courtesy of: Roberta Freymann

Roberta Freymann was born and raised in England, to a mother who was a milliner and a muse to a famous French fashion designer. This upbringing allowed Roberta to experience and groom her love of style.

In 2003, Roberta introduced two complimentary, but distinct signature collections: Roberta Roller Rabbit and her namesake.

So if you are looking for latest, trendy handbag then follow Meryl Streep’s lead in “It’s Complicated”, then purchase the Roberta Freymann Cab Bag.
The luxury handbag is priced at only $175.

Due to the strong demand, there is currently a wait list. The bags will resume shipping in late February.

To order the Cab Bag, call (212) 585-3767, or you can stop into the store (address below)

Roberta Freymann
153 East 70th Street
New York, NY.


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