Protect and Display Your Luxury Valuables – Private Museum by Buben & Zorweg

Buben & Zorweg Grande Private Museum safe

Buben & Zorweg announced at this year’s Baselworld 2016 show their new Private Museum. The luxury German company has developed an incredible way to both protect and display your luxury valuables.

For those of us who have collectibles and other valuable goods, safekeeping is a big concern. The problem is the frustration of locking items up in a floor or wall safe, that looks like it came from Fort Knox. You know its protected in your beefy safe, but you can’t see it. Well things have now changed for the better.

For over twenty years, Buben & Zorweg has developed a wide variety of products targeting the luxury industry. From their elaborate Object of Time® watch wardrobe that integrates the latest watch winding technology, to a luxury safe that can protect up to a 100 watch collection plus be used as a music system, weather station, bar and a humidor! The luxury brand is one of most respected companies in the luxury sector.

One of the joys for serious collectors is sharing your rare and precious items with others. Collecting is often a passion so avid collectors enjoy talking about their items with pride. The new Private Museum from Buben & Zorweg now allows you to safely and permanently exhibit your personal collection at home or in the office.

Christian Zörweg was quoted, “For some collectors, a treasure is more about personal memories and sentimental rather than financial value. What we know for certain is that anything our clients exhibit in a Buben & Zorweg Private Museum is an expression of what they are truly passionate about.”

What makes the new Private Museum a one of kind solution for serious collectors is the ability to safely display precious objects in a place that is both discrete, but features the beauty of any personal collection. Collectors can choose from three different models – the Private Museum Inbuilt, the Grande Private Museum and the Grande Private Museum Inbuilt.

Buben & Zorweg private museum

The safe features quiet motors that will vertically move the 22 mm thick, 100 kg heavy bullet-proof glass in a consistent soft motion. This allows viewers to see the precious treasures safely stored inside.

Security is of course a key concern. You’ll be please to know the Private Museum can be equipped with high-end security methods similar to what’s found in some of the top museums. Examples include optional mirrored spy-glass that turns transparent with a simple button touch. There is biometric fingerprint identification of the locking system, in addition to LED technology to beautifully display your collection. Lastly, there’s an integrated alarm system that can actually be hooked-up to your existing alarm system for increased security

If you’d like to learn more about the Private Museum from the Buben & Zorweg, please contact us. You can trust their German engineering, creative design and innovative technology. Stop by to read more articles in our luxury blog.

Photo: Buben & Zorweg


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