Champ Car Simulator by CXC Simulations

Champ Car Simulator by CXC Simulations

Champ Car Simulator by CXC Simulations
Photo: CXC Simulations

For avid car lovers, there is no thrill like being on a race track and getting that adrenaline rush. But for most of us, the closest we’ll ever get is watching on TV or attending a live car race event.

Car simulators are a hot trend right now. Based in Los Angeles, CXC Simulations offers state-of-the-art racing simulators for professional racing teams and drivers, and for users who wish to experience the thrill of racing in their own home.

CXC Simulations was approached by Toyota of North Hollywood to retrofit a 2006 Lola Champ Car and used as a racing simulator by people of all sizes and abilities.

The Champ Car simulator had a number of very strict requirements. Even though it needed to end up as a simulator, CXC had to make sure that it could be used as a racecar even after its work was done. The client requested unparalleled realism, easy access in and out of the car, a seat that would accommodate a wide range of body sizes, as well as in-game and on-car branding.

Mobile One Porsche Super Cup and Former IndyCar/Champ Car Driver – Matt Halliday was quoted, “It is pretty amazing what the CXC guys have been able to do with this project and the realistic nature combining the forces and drivability of the real car is very accurate.”

The custom Champ Car simulator features three 55″ LCD screens offer a 180 degree field of view that completely covers the driver’s peripheral vision. A high-powered force feedback system was added to provide drivers with the same experience they would have on the track.

Offering an LED gauge system, custom stairs for easy access, and a custom-made wide seat and headrest covered in leather, this one-of-a-kind simulator is certain to be a success.

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