Portable Golf Club and Bag Design by DV8 Sports

DV8 Sports portable golf clubs and bag

DV8 Sports has introduced the Portable Golf Club and Bag Design that it hopes will revolutionize your ability to play golf with less hassle. This game changer is a clever, full set of golf clubs in a life-styled backpack!

It’s no secret that golf clubs and bag are bulky and often frustrating to transport. DV8 Sports thinks they have a creative solution.

The patented design and technology utilizes the first-ever patented, portable golf club and bag that is specifically designed for golfers-on-the-go. The golf club set was developed to fit in a backpack-sized carrying case.

The key is the patented, stainless-steel coupler technology. Now you only have to carry one or two shafts along with 14 different club heads. Plus it all fits nicely into one bag.

A common issue is when traveling by air, is having to check your golf bag and paying that extra fee. No longer. The new golf bag now can fit into the overhead bins on most aircraft.

In addition, DV8 Sports is proud to have become he most successful golf equipment campaign to-date on the popular fund raising website – Kickstarter. Once DV8 Sports reached its target goal of $50,000, the money kept coming in with a total of $85k contributed by 170 backers.

The key advantage besides less bulk, is rather than hauling around 40-plus pounds of golf clubs and a bag, the regulation set of clubs and portable backpack style bag weighs under 15 total pounds!

The man behind this clever invention is Pat Brady. In 2009, Brady saw an altercation firsthand in an airport with travelers struggling with luggage, golf bags, briefcases and a taxi. The lightbulb went on and DV8 Sports was born.

Brady envisioned an innovative golf club design that would be easier to transport and store plus provide a golf performance that was similar to traditional golf clubs.

DV8 clubs will be available in three different shaft flexes: regular, stiff and and ladies/senior.

For tech lovers, the DV8 bag includes a tablet compartment so you can either film your own golf swing or practice your swing by watching downloaded instructional videos.

Pricing for the new portable golf club and bag by DV8 Sports is as follows and can be ordered online at www.DV8Sports.com
$499.95 for the 4 club starter set that includes – 1 driver + 3 irons
$699.95 for the 7 club practice set that includes 1 driver + 1 utility + 5 irons
$899.95 for the 10 club play set that includes 1 driver + 2 utilities + 6 irons + 1 putter
$79.95 for an iron head – stainless steel
$99.95 for a utility head – stainless steel
$149.95 for a driver head – titanium

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