High-Tech Golf Swing

For the past decade, golf has been in the middle of a technology “Golden Age”, thanks to graphite shafts, titanium drivers, and golf balls with multiple personalities. Oh, what a difference they made. The ball launched higher and farther and depending on the club, spun hardly at all or like the dickens.

The was depressing for most amateurs was their game wasn’t really getting any better. The pros and those habitual regulars saw their scores drop and confidence sore. Yet the weekend, warrior hackers got left behind. Now it’s their turn.

The way golf is taught is changing in a dramatic and profound way. The use of high speed cameras, video cameras, and sophisticated computer software used to analyze a golfer’s swings on the pro tour became common. Now it’s trickled down to the rest of us.

A golfer now slips into a sophisticated vest fitted with sensors. These sensors measure specific body positions at every significant point of the golf swing, and the software program records the data and analyzes it.

An incorrect swing can be quickly identified by viewing the swing. The program instantly provides a color coded rating system and audio feedback.

Want to compare your swing to your favorite pro? No problem. The program has a database of 150 pros, but the comparisons can be both revealing and humbling. Not only does your lesson end when you leave the store, but you can check it out later on the Internet. One chain that offers the high-tech lesson is GolfTEC, with over 115 stores across the U.S.

Remember, it’s not just an awesome golf swing that will drive your scores lower. focus more energy on improving your body. Making yourself stronger, faster and more flexible will mean an improved range of vision. Along with a strong mental state, will translate into better, longer and more accurate golf shots.


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