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If you want to hear wild stories, then talk to somebody that was been to Las Vegas. But can we believe every Sin City story you hear? Maybe not. Some of these tall tales may very well be a myth.

Las Vegas is larger than life. A city of non-stop gambling and incredible lights. When one thinks of Vegas, they think of gambling casinos, strip joints, showgirls and huge luxurious hotels with flashing lights and dancing waters.

What they usually don’t realize is that this atmosphere is contained to the Las Vegas Strip. The “Strip” is just one section of Las Vegas, not the entire city.

What people don’t stop to think about is that Las Vegas is simply a town just like any other. They have schools, government offices, grocery stores, parks, all the normal features that every single town in America has. If one were to visit Las Vegas and venture off of the strip, they’d find a town with normal people going about their everyday business.

It’s said that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. This is probably a popular notion due to the exhibitionist nature of the town with all the shows featuring nude showgirls. Vegas is also famous for their quickie wedding chapels and thousands of hotels.

Go into any casino and you’ll find beautiful women in sexy clothes. Nevertheless this is all part of the Vegas image. Prostitution is illegal and people do get arrested for solicitation in Vegas.

The Hoover Dam is a huge construction that took five years to build and used four million plus cubic yards of concrete. It was a massive feat of engineering. During the building of this dam almost a hundred workers lost their lives. The rumor circulating is that some of their bodies remain buried in the concrete still.

The truth is, the concrete was poured in small increments and allowed to dry before pouring the next batch. If anyone were to have fallen into the wet concrete, they would have been easily pulled out.

Due to the idea of Las Vegas being all casinos, hotels and shows, people tend to get the idea that every Vegas resident lives and works on the strip. Women here are all strippers and gorgeous. In actually, this couldn’t be further than the truth. While many of the residents may have jobs on the strip, they clock in and out and go home to their normal subdivisions in surrounding areas.

Still others hold down jobs in schools, grocery stores and government offices and may rarely venture onto the strip. The women living here are normal looking just like the women in any other American town.

Once a woman who won a huge jackpot at the “Megabucks” slot machine experienced a tragic accident mere weeks after her winning and became paralyzed. Since that time a rumor has circulated that everyone who won a major jackpot at the Megabucks slot machines encountered a tragedy of sorts immediately afterwards. Even though the winners are alive and happy today, the rumors persist that they have died or have experienced some horrible incident.

Another myth includes bodies being found in a hotel’s box springs. There’s no proof or evidence that this ever happened in Las Vegas. It did, in fact, happen in some small town over on the east coast of the US. Somehow this incident ended up in Las Vegas as the rumor circulated.

As incredulous as this sounds, there’s even a rumor that kidneys get stolen in Vegas. Apparently someone started a story of a man who awakened in a hotel room one morning to a note that advised him to call 911 or else he would experience dire circumstances. The man supposedly did so only to be told by the doctors that he was missing a kidney.

Las Vegas is quite a colorful place with a crazy present and an even more raucous past. One can be sure to hear some interesting tales about this city. Just remember to take everything you hear about Las Vegas with a little bit of caution and amusement .

Remember that outside of the Strip, Las Vegas is just a normal town with ordinary people going about their business. Oh, and don’t believe everything you hear.


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