Polihua Beach on Lanai – Longest White Sand Beach

Polihua Beach - Lanai, Hawaii

The Hawaiian island of Lanai is the smallest of Hawaii’s inhabited islands. Lanai measures approximately only 140 square miles, with a coastline of about 47 miles.

On the remote northern shore of Lanai, you will find scenic Polihua Beach. About a mile and a half long, Polihua Beach is the longest white sand beach on the island of Lanai.

Beaches on Lanai are never crowded since the island’s population is so small and it receives so few visitors. Lanai City is the only town on the island.

Polihua Beach used to be an egg-laying spot for the endangered green sea turtle. The name Polihua means “egg nest.”

Although Polihua Beach is picturesque, it’s waters can be dangerous. The beach receives high winds and rough surf, along with an unpredictable surf.

Swimming in the ocean waters off Polihua Beach is not recommended and it could be quite unsafe.

If you do make it the island of Lanai, be sure to visit Polihua Beach … even if you don’t go into the rough waters.

Polihua Beach is only accessible via a rugged dirt road.


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