Photographer Annie Leibovitz Interprets the World of The Macallan Whisky

The Macallan Whisky Annie Leibovitz Masters of Photography
The Macallan – Annie Leibovitz

The Macallan offers an outstanding single malt scotch whisky that has been distilled in Speyside, Scotland since 1824. The Macallan single malt is definitely a favorite with malt whisky drinkers all around the world and has won many prestigious awards. The Macallan was also recognized in July as the “Most Expensive Whisky Sold at Auction” by Guinness World Records.

The Macallan is a brand also known for championing the art of photograph. The company’s Masters of Photography series has included famous photographers such as Albert Watson and Rankin. The tradition continues with a new series that includes one of the world’s most famous female photographers – Annie Leibovitz.

Through the creative interpretation of Annie Leibovitz, the project’s end result is stunning, displaying four powerful images that capture the ultimate moments of enjoying The Macallan. The final shots depict four single cask variants of The Macallan through photographs featuring Scottish actor (and former distillery hand at The Macallan) Kevin McKidd.

This incredible special series collection includes only 1,000 limited edition bottles worldwide. Each contains one of four unique single cask whiskies released for the first time. Suggest Retail Pricing is $2,750.

The Macallan Whisky Annie Leibovitz Masters of Photography
The Macallan – Annie Leibovitz

Tasting Notes:

Cask No 7023 – 1991 Sherry Oak Puncheon
Availability: 285 bottles to accompany ‘The Bar’ print
Color: Dark Rosewood
Nose: Intense, dried fruits, ginger, nutmeg and clove. Ripe apples give way to rich sweet notes. Vibrant oak makes a statement, but is refined enough not to dominate
Palate: Ginger and cinnamon spice with rich dried fruits. Mature oak is in balance, with citrus fruits – a story to tell on its own
Finish: Medium to long finish, smooth
ABV: 50.8%

Cask No 12251: 1989 Sherry Butt
Availability: 285 bottles to accompany ‘The Gallery’ print
Color: Dark copper
Nose: Perfumed, chocolate orange and date. Burnished oak giving out a rich intensity
Palate: Sweet, fruity, raisin, wood and spices. Then the oak, which shows its hand in a subtle roasted manner
Finish:Rich finish could stay slightly dry, but teases
ABV: 56.6%

Cask No 14007: 1995 Sherry Oak Hoghead
Availability: 145 bottles to accompany ‘The Library’ print (For Global Travel Retail, Distillery and private sale only)
Color: Red Mahogany
Nose: Rich raisin sultana and chocolate orange arrive almost together, followed closely by toasted apple, ginger and clean oak
Palate: Toasted apple, ginger and oak note their intent, but are not to be outdone as orange and dried fruits step out
Finish: Long lingering, full
ABV: 59.6%

Cask No 10019: 1996 American Oak Butt
Availability: 285 bottles to accompany ‘The Skyline’ print
Color: Light Gold
Nose: Lemon, citrus fruits, vanilla, cream soda. Freshly cut wood in background balanced out by sweet dessert notes
Palate: Viscous; initially oak flits in then departs to allow cinnamon, citrus, toffee apples to show their hand, only to reappear later
Finish: Medium finish but full bodied
ABV: 55.5%

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