Organic Male OM4 – Skincare for Men

Organic Male OM4

Organic Male OM4 is a new line of organic, skincare products made exclusively for men, and uniquely designed with both natural and organic ingredients.

For most men, they don’t take the time to take care about their skin until it’s too late. So men, it’s finally time to really get serious about your own skin care.

The OM4 Mens collection is comprised of four categories: Normal , Oily, Dry, and Sensitive.

The assortment includes: Wash , a cleanser, Balance, an aftershave/toner, Bioactivate, a serum and Defend, a moisturizer. Solution specific ingredients especially formulated for their benefits are contained in each product.

The goal of the Organic Male OM4 collection is for each every product to position the skin to be in the absolute best shape possible. In addition, the company tries to educate men that daily skin conditioning is just as important as maintaining one’s physical fitness.

The treatment steps are as follows: Step 1: Wash (cleanser) Step 2: Balance (toner) Step 3: Bioactivate (antioxidant serum) and Step 4: Defend (moisturizer).

Each OM4 collection contains rejuvenating vitamin and antioxidant rich extracts to actively defer the onset of premature skin aging and help men maintain their best appearance for years to come.

This seriously scientific skin care routine is not just for baby boomers, but also for teenagers who want to have protected and healthy skin now and forever.


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