TSA-Approved Smile-Care From Supersmile

Supersmile Quikee
Courtesy of: Supersmile

Supersmile offers airplane travelers TSA-approved smile-care that will have you baring those bright whites for all to see, wherever you travel either for business or pleasure.

Supersmile is arguably the finest, ultra-premium, total oral care and whitening resource found anywhere today.

Supersmile was devleoped by the father of aesthetic dentistry, Dr. Irwin Smigel. Supersmile is the most common whitening technique and highly recommended by cosmetic dentists around the world.

Supersmile’s Quikee ($6/.21oz tube), allows you to literally brush your teeth mid-flight without even leaving your seat.

You just simply squeeze a drop of Quikee gel on your tongue, then wipe it over your teeth to eliminate any stains, plaque and bad breath. No water or toothbrush is required!

Supersmile’s Travel Pack ($22.50) includes an assortment of the company’s best sellers in tiny, TSA-approved sizes.

Each Travel Pac kit includes every possible dental necessity including powdered mouthrinse, toothpaste, and whitening gum.

For additional information and where to purchase all Supersmile products, please visit http://www.supersmile.com/


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