New Limited Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” Timepiece by Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son Celebrates Lunar New Year with Limited Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” Timepiece

Arnold & Son celebrates the year of the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Water Rabbit with a new artistic version of the brand’s Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” timepiece. The luxury watch brand continues its annual celebration of the traditional Chinese calendar. This time with this limited new series of eight high-precision moon-phase wristwatches. The Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” timepiece features a sculpted golden rabbit set against a backdrop of black aventurine. It poses next to a pagoda and is surrounded by waterfalls.

The Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” timepiece is symbolic, powerful, sophisticated, and full of meaning. Arnold & Son has sculpted the animal in a calm yet watchful pose. For example, it sits majestically against a backdrop of black aventurine, beneath a great mother-of-pearl moon. In Chinese Zodiac iconography, the water rabbit is the moon’s loyal companion. In addition to its fine watchmaking movement, the timepiece also displays masterful aesthetics.

The year of the Water Rabbit begins on Saturday, January 21, 2023. Based on the founding legends of the Chinese Zodiac, the rabbit inhabits a white jade moon, and serves as its pet. The rabbit embodies prudence and agility. As a result, when shown alongside the characteristic element of the year of the Water Rabbit, this animal promises longevity, peace, and prosperity.

Celestial light

Arnold & Son accommodates a large moon on the watch dial. In a large aperture, a turning disc reveals the waxing and waning of the night’s celestial body. Plus, one will see the appearance of the crescent moon and its light. The moon is crafted from mother-of-pearl with painted elements in relief. All are enhanced with Super-LumiNova.

Pale during the day, it transforms at night. This, it shines brightly and is adorned with scintillating details. The luxury watch’s dial contains aquatic elements. As a result, it adds further dimension to the scene. In the background, the disc bearing the star is made from deep black aventurine glass.

Artistic expression

The rabbit remains the dial’s key element. Sculpted in three dimensions, it is crafted from 18-karat rose gold. This time consuming work is worthy of the exceptional attention Arnold & Son has always paid to its limited series created in tribute to the Chinese Zodiac.

The same holds true for the watch dial. On a disc of black aventurine glass, the foliage and pagoda decorations are hand-painted with gold powder. Continuing, the Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” timepiece model is mounted on a glistening black alligator leather strap. Notice the visible platinum stitching and a lining of auspicious red alligator leather.

Expert watchmaking

Thanks to the watch manufacture’s research and development efforts, the moon phase display of this movement is extremely precise. For example, it will remain accurate for 122 years before deviating from the actual lunar cycle by one day. Hence, the Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” timepiece will work in perfect harmony with the astronomic, astrological, and collection cycles. This unique sense of eternity is characteristic of all Arnold & Son creations.

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Photo: Arnold & Son


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