New Defense Against Aging: Carmelite Monks’ Easeamine Skin Care Line

Easeamine Skin Care Collection by the Teresian Carmelite Monks
Easeamine Skin Care Collection by the Teresian Carmelite Monks

Chairman and founder of Carmel Laboratories, Brother Dennis Wyrzykowski announced the official launch the Easeamine Skin Care Collection for women ages 35 to 65-plus.  With a skin care line of five complementary products, including day, night, and eye creams, as well as cleanser and toner, the new Easamine line boasts anything but a modest price tag.  Raging between $26 to $138, Easamine products are well worth their price.

The new collection has two centerpiece products, the Easeamine Day Crème and Easeamine Night Crème, both features adenosine, hydrators, and moisturizers enriched with antioxidants Vitamins A, C, and E.  Easeamine Eye Crème concentrates on reducing puffiness, crow’s feet, diminishing the appearance of dark circles, and promotes the appearance of tighter skin.  The toner and cleanser are infused with aloe leaf juice, honeysuckle, marshmallow, and grapefruit extracts, all known to deep clean down to the skin’s pores without damaging or over-drying the skin.

Developed and patented by famed scientist, James G. Dobson Jr., Ph.D., while conducting cardiovascular research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Adenosine Skin Technology has been clinically proven to have a visible effect on skin repair.  The technology focuses on treating adenosine, which is a naturally occurring, anti-inflammatory biochemical compound, directly to the dermis.  Adenosine would increase the production of dermal fibroblast proteins collagen and elastin, increase blood flow to the outer layers of the skin, and increase cell size.  All work together to create an effect of fuller, smoother skin.

University of Massachusetts Medical School licenses Adenosine Skin Technology exclusively to Carmel Labs, providing for its charitable work benefitting the underprivileged through educational and outreach programs.  Deemed by Wyrzykowski and other at the monastery as “divine intervention for your skin” the new Easeamine line can “radically [transform] your skin, you are also providing opportunities to transform the lives of the less fortunate in a positive way.

Unsurprisingly, the natural Easeamine line is free of parabens, preservatives, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, and artificial dyes.  The new line is available on their website,  Proceeds from Easeamine have been used by Teresian Carmelite carry out their mission to helping people help themselves through education and outreach programs in Nativity School, University Park Campus School, Worcester County Food Pantry and Dismas House in Worcester, Mass.; Boston Collegiate Charter School in Dorchester, Mass.; Clinton/Bush Haiti Relief Fund; and the Millbury, Mass. Police Department.


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