Exquisite New Perfumes by Carthusia

Carthusia perfume of Capri

The scent of a woman’s perfume makes a powerful statement about her personality. The delicate and faint aroma should be subtle and pleasing enough causing heads to turn and smiles to form.

Carthusia’s perfumes offer just that. The exquisite perfume captures the magnetic fragrance and beauty of one of the world’s most beautiful isle (Capri) and the flowers which grow there. Beautiful, hypnotic, unforgettable and mythical. The love put into growing a paradise of flowers and gardens is the same love with which each perfume is prepared, filtered and individually packaged by hand.

A fascinating story circulates around the origins of the first perfume to be produced on the island of Capri. Legend has it that back in 1380, an unannounced visit to Capri by Queen Giovanna D’Angio prompted the Father Prior of the Carthusian Monastery of St Giacomo to quickly arrange a large bouquet of flowers in her honor using all the most beautiful island flora.

After three days, the water in which the flowers had been placed had acquired a scent the notes of which were quite unknown to the prior. With the aid of the Father Alchemist he was able to trace the source of the fragrance to the “Garofilium Sivestre Caprese”, which was to become the very first perfume of Capri.

Captivating and appealing to the most sensitive of noses, the classical fragrances of Carthusia are reminiscent of scents rooted in tradition and ancient legends – all made from genuine products of high quality.

New products offered to the Carthusia fragrance base are:

Carthusia solid wax perfume

Carthusia shower gel

Carthusia body lotion

Carthusia solid soap

Carthusia room fragrances

Indulge in the authentic fragrances of this magnificent island and discover something about yourself because, as we know, perfume is meant to enhance your mood and emotions.


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