New Coffee-Table Book by Lifestyle Guru Fran Berger

Fran Berger - new book

Fran Berger is a luxury lifestyle and home entertaining guru. She just released her new book titled “THE CATALOGUE” on October 20th. A VIP book launch party was held at Geary’s Beverly Hills. About two hundred invited guests celebrated her first book. Fran shared her wonderful journey, transitioning from a longtime restaurant owner to social media influencer and TV personality. She was a recurring guest on Hallmark’s “Home & Family” TV show.

“THE CATALOGUE” is an oversized coffee-table book. It includes a curated collection of Fran Berger’s favorite pieces, during her amazing career as famous restaurateur and home entertainer. She was the original owner of The Farm of Beverly Hills® for over 20 years.  The iconic, Beverly Hills restaurant is still a popular landmark. In addition, she expanded with a mini-chain of restaurants across the Los Angeles area.

Her countless guests flocked from far and wide to experience a taste of the warm atmosphere, authentic hospitality. Plus, they prized The Farm of Beverly Hills menu and thoroughly enjoyed dining in a true, Los Angeles environment. Fran had an innate love for entertaining others and worked hard to make every customer’s meal a special one.

In The Catalogue book, you will find Fran Berger’s 9 key sections: Coffee, Bar, Salad, Casual, Formal, Al Fresco, Cool Things, Flatware and Linen. She professionally shows you how to: create gatherings that kindle lasting memories,  use the collection of entertaining and kitchenware pieces you already have and love. In addition, read how take advantage of items you own but probably don’t use very often, plus select a few pieces you can add to make entertaining more memorable and infinitely easier.

Fran Berger new book: The Catalogue

Fran explains, “Welcoming friends into your home is itself an act of love. Providing a place for communion, facilitating connection — these things are vital in our increasingly disconnected world.

Over her career, Fran was definitely one of the country’s “go-to home entertaining experts.” She worked tirelessly to please all of her clients.  In the end, she ultimately knew they all desired to impress their guests with sophistication.

Through her collection of home entertaining and design consulting services, Fran Berger will curate these bespoke experiences helping you to celebrate the moments that matter in your life. Therefore, her first book gives her the opportunity to personally share her passion for sophisticated living with the world.

Combining over 20 years of experience entertaining family, friends and celebrities along with her dynamic and approachable nature, Berger quickly became a beloved tastemaker within her community.  As a result, she grew her restaurant into a city-wide chain.  The business was ultimately sold. Yet, Fran continued to remain personally invested in what made her restaurant so cherished and unique in the first place. That was her passion for gathering family, friends and loved ones around the table and creating lifelong memories. It’s in these intimate communal moments, Berger believes, that new relationships are created and existing ones are strengthened.

The Fran Berger book is now available exclusively at, as well as Gearys Beverly Hills.

You can view additional videos from Fran here:

We hope you enjoyed reading about Fran Berger’s new coffee-table book – THE CATALOGUE. Return soon to follow the latest news in the luxury industry.

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