New Alexandra Cipriani Collection: Just Like in Enrique Iglesias’ Closet

Alexandra Cipriani leather clothing collection
Alexandra Cipriani

Desire to conform diminishes with age. When I was high school, I wanted nothing more than to wear the same clothes, listen to the same music, and shop at the same stores as everyone else my age.

The older I get, as my sense of self identity increases, the less I want to look like everyone else. Now Mr. Calvin Klein, I’m sure you are very nice, but paying $35 for a t-shirt with your name in bold letters across the chest is sheer lunacy. Unique styles like ones designed by Alexandra Cipriani resonates with me more.

Although I personally do not wear leather, Alexandra Cipriani’s design style perfects the blend of fashion and edginess. Her silver-studded leather jacket and short leather party dress show off the key features of leather: form-fitting yet comfortable.

With clients like Paulina Rubio, Enrique Iglesias, and Lil Mama, Cipriani’s designs give each of its wearers the rock star treatment. Whether you are Jennifer Lopez from Hollywood, or Jennifer Smith from accounting, your garment will be hand-sewn and custom-made by request.

Alexandra Cipriani leather collection
Alexandra Cipriani

Alexandra Cipriani chose to specialize in leather because of the animal instinct that remains behind the skin. She personally believes that leather and sexiness are two elements that can easily be married.

Cipriani states, “When people wear my garments for the first time, their reaction is priceless; they automatically exude confidence, as if they could achieve anything.”

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