Movie Theaters Are Going Luxury

Luxury movie theater

It wasn’t that long ago that going to the local movie theater would cost you $4 or $5 and you’d enjoy cold, stale popcorn and creaky seat with sticky floors.

Not any more.  Today’s movie theaters are going luxury and making your move watching experience a memorable one.

The movie industry is booming. In 2009, the industry celebrated a banner year, bringing in an all-time record $10.6 billion in box office ticket sales.

The shift is on. Movie theaters are investing big bucks to turn that old and drab single screen theaters into a luxurious multiplex entertainment experience.

The National Association of Theatre Owners counts 39,380 screens in 5,853 theaters in North America. Patrick Corcoran is their Director of Media and Research and states, “Movie theaters are doing very well.”

luxury movie theater lobby

Some theaters have installed attractive lounges or adults-only clubs. Movie patrons can enjoy a cocktail and order appetizers prior to the movie.

Many smaller theaters have removed old-style seating and replaced them with high-backed leather executive or rocking chairs with armrests and footrests, providing maximum comfort.

The luxury trend experience continues as theaters roll-out amenities such as online reserved seating, the very latest in digital projection, cutting edge digital sound and mega-wide screens, in addition to valet parking.

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