More Men Are Seeking A Lift – Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery for men

Men have a reputation for avoiding the doctor’s office, even when they’re sick. But lots of them are opting to go in for non-medical reasons.

Plastic surgeons are reporting an uptick in the number of male patients seeking slimmer waists and stronger jaw lines — up 16 percent from 2002 to 2007, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Local physicians say they’ve seen more men, especially since the start of the year.

Once considered a strictly female practice, plastic surgery is gaining popularity among American men. With the wide variety of procedures available, there is something that will appeal to everyone, regardless of gender. Even female favorites like Botox and liposuction are being tailored to suit men’s needs. So, what do you have to lose? A few wrinkles?

The effects of aging are often the targets for cosmetic surgery. Wrinkles, double chins, and sagging skin can all make you look and feel older. Although a few lines around the eyes may be considered distinguished on a man’s face, turkey necks and hollow eyes won’t add much class to your mature aura.

Liposuction under the neck, mini facelifts, and injectables can fill in, what time has taken away. All of the procedures have lasting effects and are subtle enough, so no one at the office is going to whisper behind your back.

A mini facelift and liposuction have a fairly minimal recovery time (between one and two weeks), it may leave few discrete scars, and will give you a refreshed, but not overly youthful appearance. For a mini facelift, the skin around the nasolabial folds and neck is pulled back and tightened.

Often liposuction is used in conjunction to remove excess fat cells that collect below the chin. A hollow tube is placed in an incision below the chin. It is moved back and forth, sucking up the fat and leaving a sleeker looking neck. A combination of injectables can also be used to perform a less invasive version of a facelift. Filler is pumped into hollows to plump them up, and it can also erase deep furrows as well as fine lines.

Liposuction is also the answer to a variety of other cosmetic concerns. Help for love handles, pot bellies, and male breast reduction are all commonly sought plastic surgeries. Men may find that exercise and diet alone will not eliminate the fat deposits in stubborn areas. When this is the case, liposuction is often the only alternative. This is especially true as the body ages and becomes more prone to sagging and weight gain. Liposuction can be a permanent solution to banish the unwanted fatty areas.

Another popular procedure among men is Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, can shave down bumps, straighten crooked bridges, and even add height to noses that appear too feminine on a male face. In order to create a pleasing facial harmony, chin augmentation is often performed at the same time. A receding or small chin can make a big nose appear even larger, and a strong jaw line is often the landmark of a chiseled, masculine face. When performed together, these two plastic surgeries can transform a weak profile into a more sculptured and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Although women may seek out cosmetic procedures more often than men, there is no reason to feel intimidated or alone. New techniques and procedures allow for minimal scarring and quick recoveries. Plus, cosmetic surgeons are sensitive, and all of your information is kept confidential. No one has to know why you look so good.


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