Monaco Yacht Show – See the World’s Most Luxurious Yachts

Monaco Yacht Show

Yachting is definitely a luxury activity. The super yachts that the rich and famous own are getting bigger, faster and more luxurious.

These super yachts are a true symbol of power, wealth, sophistication, and adventure.

Monaco is widely known as yachting center of the world. This amazing country with so much wealth has white sandy beaches and clear water that meet jagged rock cliffs.

Every year on the French Riviera city of Monte Carlo, Monaco hosts an annual luxury yacht show called the Monaco Yacht Show.

The Monaco Yacht Show is a multi-day event that’s hosted at beautiful Port Hercules. The show attracts about 30,000 visitors each year, from all around the world. Approximately 80% of the show’s visitors come from overseas to enjoy this annual yachting show.

The Monaco Yacht Show expects to display about 100 of the world’s greatest yachts. Over 500 companies will also be on hand to showcase their luxury yachts and custom yacht design skills.

For more information, go to the Monaco Yacht Show site.


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