Mick Jagger Still Going Strong

Photo by Rueters

The Rolling Stones could very well the best rock ‘n roll band ever. The Beatles are always mentioned in that same breath. Mich Jagger is the Stone’s front man and at age 64, is still going as strong as ever. We should all age like Mick Jagger. His deeply lined face is full of character, he has a full head of remarkably lustrous, seemingly undyed hair, and there isn’t an ounce of fat on his body.

He’s limber and elegant in a dress shirt and sky-blue sweater, suit pants and black high-tops. His face is craggy, but from the neck down, Jagger looks 30.

Jagger’s dancing in performance  has always been like nobody else’s and, incredibly enough, still is. His voice, deeper with age, carries the Stones’ great songs with all the authority it ever had, or more. He is a wonder of nature.

Still, some may see the movie and think: These guys should have hung it up so long ago. Jagger and Keith Richards both turn 65 this year. But to listen to the Stones’ music is to forget all about the idea that rock ’n’ roll was meant only for young people.

The Rolling Stones have always been a law unto themselves. As is Mick Jagger.  Full article

Photo by Rueters


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