Manhattan Cocktail Drink Recipe

Manhattan cocktail drink recipe

The Manhattan is classic cocktail and made from whiskey, sweet vermouth, as well as bitters.

The Manhattan cocktail is well known as classic social drink. Easily one of the top 10 cocktails in any bar or party, the Manhattan first originated back in the late 1800s.

It’s been reported that back in 1874, New York City’s Manhattan Club combined rye with sweet vermouth, plus a little bitters and the Manhattan Cocktail was born.

The Manhattan was actually the first cocktail that used vermouth as a modifier.

Because the Manhattan has been around for so long, there are numerous drink recipe variations being used.

Below is a popular Manhattan drink recipe for you to try at your social event or party.

Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

2 oz Bourbon Whiskey
3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth
1 dash Angostura Bitters
1 Maraschino Cherry
1 twist Orange Peel

– Combine the bourbon whiskey, vermouth and bitters along with 2 to 3 ice cubes in a mixing glass.
– Stir gently. be careful not to bruise the spirits and cloud the drink.
– Next, place the cherry in a chilled cocktail glass. Gently strain the whiskey mixture over the cherry.
– You can rub the cut edge of the orange peel over the rim of the glass.
– Lastly, twist the orange peel over the drink to release the oils. Careful not to drop the orange peel int 4he drink.
– Serve and enjoy!


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