Make it Custom With A Made to Order Luxury Phone from BELLPERRE

Bellperre made to order luxury phones

Are you tired of having one of same cell phones that everybody else has? Sometimes the only difference is a cheap plastic case. Well now you can create your made to order luxury phone from BELLPEERE.

Founded in 2005, BELLPERRE designs mobile phones that represent the timeless European design and fashionable way of life. The company’s goal is to take the best things in life and design minimalistic and beautiful masterpieces.

BELLPERRE recently announced they are now offering the world’s first Made To Order luxury phones – named Phone Unique. Their new service allows customers to create their own luxury phone that will be personally made in their Amsterdam workshop. The custom cell phones are made with the finest materials.

You can go the company’s web site and choose between various design choices. The cool thing is instantly see see what your custom cell phone will look like. Want to make a change? No worries, keep trying until you have that perfect, virtual one-off.

The result is that BELLPERRE now becomes the world’s first and only luxury phone manufacturer to make each phone after customer’s customized instructions.

Once an order is received, BELLPERRE ships your luxury cell phone at no charge within three weeks anywhere in the worldwide. Also be assured that each phone is supported by the International Warranty service plan.

BELLPERRE provides an enormous amount of customization services. First, select a frame in a fine authentic finishing. Choose from Black Steel, Polished Steel, Brushed Steel, 24K Yellow Gold finish or 18K Rose Gold finish.

Next, pick from over 100 different colors of finest exotic leathers. Add a classic touch with your personal engraving in any color.

Feature phones come with keypads, so you can choose from greater than 80 languages, including both Arabic and Cyrillic keypads. Want to go a little exotic? How about a genuine Red Python leather upgrade?

Luxury phones from BELLPERRE only utilize the finest materials, such as Unscratchable Sapphire Crystal, 316L Stainless Steel, 18K Gold, Genuine Exotic Leather, in addition to the finest diamonds and woods. Exotic leather is sourced directly from the finest European tanneries. Options include: Genuine Lizard, Genuine Crocodile, Genuine Shark, Genuine Ostrich, Genuine Buffalo, plus Genuine Python.

In the near future, BELLPERRE will be announcing a new Android luxury phone. This new cell phone will also be able to be customized. The company plans to focus their design efforts on greater battery life and call quality. They want to enhance the keyboard to make placing calls much easier.

If you are interested in learning more about a custom luxury phone from BELLPERRE, or would like to purchase one please contact The Life of Luxury. Follow the best technology announcements by reading this luxury blog.


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