Luxury Pinnacle Watch Line by Nico Gerard

Nico Gerard - Pinnacle Watch with Apple Watch

The philosophy of luxury watch manufacturer Nico Gerard is “Uncompromised Luxury Watches – Uncompromised Technology – Uncompromised Engineering – Uncompromised Luxury”.

Nico Gerard is owned by the father-son duo of Andreas and Adam Pluemer. The two men started on a journey to develop a mechanical-electrical hybrid timepiece – the luxury Pinnacle watch.

If you desire the best precision and watch design traditions of Swiss watch-making and also want to wear the stylish new Apple Watch, then Nico Gerard Pinnacle watch is your answer.

The Apple Watch is discretely attractive but not over the top luxurious. We may want to occasionally dress up a bit but not have to put your watch away for the night. The new Pinnacle watch is actual a hybrid between an Apple Watch and a luxury watch. Nico Gerard has brilliantly pulled it off.

The new the Pinnacle watch line ranges in price from $9,300 up to $112,000. You not only get an Apple Watch but also a luxury watch on the other side of the band.

During an interview with NBC news, Adam Pluemer, president of California-based Nico Gerard – Adam Pluemer was quoted, “Wearing a smartwatch on the inside of your wrist provides a wide range of benefits, especially when it comes to privacy. He continued, “If you’re at a conference table and you have your hands on the table, you don’t want someone reading your text messages.”

Of course, the Pinnacle watch will be made in limited edition quantities, and placing your order will require a $200 reservation fee. The watch is only available online at

If you are in the market for a luxury watch like the new Pinnacle Watch from Nico Gerard, please contact The Life of Luxury. We can help locate the perfect luxury watch you have dreamed of buying. Return her to read about other luxury watch news by following this luxury blog.


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