Luxury Loungewear – Casual Wear in Style

luxury loungewear - casual wear

Laying around your home in baggie sweat pants and a tracksuit top is becoming a thing of the past for many.  Why not pamper yourself and wear something stylish like  luxury loungewear?

Luxury loungewear, a new, discreet and trendy style that is bridging the gap between structured ready-to-wear and slouchy sleepwear, is quickly turning into the most appropriate sartorial solution in the current economic climate.

Luxury loungewear’s success is partly due to clever re-branding. No longer is the this casual market dominated by slouchy velour tracksuits, luxury loungewear (note the emphasis) is bigger, better and, dare we say it, dynamic.

Times are changing. Luxury loungewear is even now viable in the office. Oversized cardigan coats are steadily rivalling the cumbersome and costly overcoat and are just as smart; cashmere and merino are becoming ever sleeker and more decorous; while accessories such as lined leather boots combine formality with discreet comfort.

“There is no reason why something that you feel comfortable in at home can’t be worn outside, as long as the pieces are made in beautiful fabrics and cut in an interesting style,” says Moise Emquies, founder of the casualwear brand, Splendid.   Source: Financial Times


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