Luxury Leather Edition of Scrabble Game

Georges & Monica Bloumels - Scrabble game
Georges & Monica Bloumels

For devoted fans of the traditional board game Scrabble, this new luxury product from Georges & Monica Bloumels is perfect.

The Luxury Leather Edition of Scrabble is the ultimate game to own. Georges & Monica Bloumels is a family business in France and for more than 30 years, has been professionally involved in upscale handicraft creations.

One of the goals of Georges & Monica Bloumels, is to “meet the precise demands of connoisseurs accustomed to the finest creations.” This luxury Scrabble board game is ideal for both enthusiasts and amateurs players.

The Luxury Leather Edition of Scrabble is a magnetic board game that revolves and the storage box is covered in full-grain lambskin leather. The game comes with four tile racks that are made from wood and also covered in lambskin leather.

Whether you liked to play Tetris or any other board or video game from your youth, Scrabble is one of the most popular games in the world. For those not familiar, Tetris is a very popular block game that first started back in the 80’s.

The tile bag is made of black goat suede and holds 102 board tiles, made from metal and covered in lambskin leather.

The Luxury Leather Edition of Scrabble comes in two languages – English and French and priced at 5,000 EURO. Georges & Monica Bloumels also offers the Scrabble board game in other languages upon request. Additional customization include colors and personalized of the board back.

The company also offers a Design Edition for only 1,300 EURO.

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