Luxury Game Trunk From Bertoni 1949

Bertoni 1949 Game Trunk

The fine craftsmanship and quality of Italian luxury products has long been desired. The Game Trunk is another example of this. It’s a container that’s dedicated to games and ideal for both fans and collectors alike.

The Game Trunk from Bertoni 1949 was unveiled at the last Milan Design Week. In collaboration with Hangar Design Group, the Game Trunk features the finest handcrafting plus an exclusive design. It would be perfect in a game room and great for entertaining with friends and family.

During last year’s Milan Design Week, Bertoni 1949 introduced the incredible Nomad Trunk. It’s a unique travel desk that once it’s opened, includes both a seat and a desktop with various storage compartments.

Inside the Game Trunk you find a casket made from gorgeous anthracite oak. Store your favorite games such dominoes, chess set, mahjong, plus even poker cards and betting chips. The entire area is covered in leather parchment and highlighted in black alligator spiked details.

The Bertoni 1949 prestige lives on with this stunning Game Trunk. In partnership with Hangar Design Group, they have created a beautiful piece of decor of impeccable quality.

Founded in 1949, all Bertoni 1949 products are hand-made and professionally made in Italy. The Italian luxury brand Bertoni 1949 that offers the finest handbags and luggage, is driven to create products for people who desire extreme beauty, attention to details, the highest quality and utilizing the finest raw materials.

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing the new Game Trunk by Bertoni 1949, contact The Life of Luxury today. We can help you with the buying process. Read about future luxury decor and fashion product announcements by following this luxury blog.

Photo: Bertoni 1949


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