Lupetta Scarves – Endangered Luxury

luxury Giraffa Lurex wrap - Lupetta by Greta Bonvini
Giraffa Lurex wrap – Lupetta

Fashion designer Greta Bonvini truly has a creative drive and passion to bring endangered luxury back from the brink.

Bonvini was born in Italy to a family of Milanese artists. Before launching Lupetta, she was an art director and graphic designer at an international advertising agency in Milan. With a desire to sketch textile designs rather than creating visuals for advertisings, Bonvini began envisioning her own brand.

When I asked Greta how did her vision first begin, she replied,
“I began dreaming about creating my own product, and it took a few years before I could quit all my previous commitments and begin a new endeavor. It happened in 2007, when I was already living for some years in the US. The longing for my country, its beauty and aesthetic, was the spark from which Lupetta was born. Soon enough I found myself working with the renowned Italian artisans to produce my vision.”

When you first meet Greta, you quickly realize her strong passion for her craft. I asked how she describes herself and she said,
“Sparkling creative energy. Visually orientated, I can generate ideas from any little detail I notice. Fast-paced, detail-oriented, high standards, striving for perfection. Multi-faceted, and able to take on many different roles at once. Idealist, ingenuous. Loving and aspiring to beauty and refinement. An artist rather than a business mind. Reserved, not very sociable.”

Fashioned in Italy by the time-honored artisans in Como—utilizing only high quality materials and state-of-the art weaving techniques—the Lupetta collection of wraps and scarves seems to embrace the Slow Fashion philosophy.

Bonvini takes Slow Fashion even further by featuring elegant motifs that go far beyond simple seasonal trends. They simply transcend time. Each scarf from the luxury Lupetta collection is intended to be worn and treasured season after season.

It’s evident that the designer takes her inspiration from the natural world. But Bonvini creatively takes her fashion views one step further and pushes Mother Nature forward by interpreting her narrative in unexpected ways.

Pictured above, Lupetta’s Giraffa wrap is a strikingly gorgeous, lighter-than-air wrap that combines a sophisticated motif with exceptionally high quality. Giraffa marries two fine layers of cashmere/silk with gold Lurex, resulting in a wrap that’s as soft as swan’s down with a glittery, gossamer-like finish.

Shown below, Savana is Lupetta’s signature motif, a stylish piece featuring a timeless animal print. Woven using cashmere and silk, Savana boasts a two-dimensional feel and lustrous sheen in tonal shades that convey an air of effortless sophistication.

luxury Savana cashmere wrap - Lupetta by Greta Bonvini
Savana cashmere wrap – Lupetta

Stemming from her belief that “animal prints are the flowers of the 21st century,” Bonvini offers her style-savvy clients unique designs that transcend the typical—and ubiquitous—luxury brand monogram. Lupetta creations are designed for the confident individual who eschews logos in favor of pieces that convey a more personal sense of style.

When asked what is the main inspiration for her fashion designs, Greta answered,
“One of my initial inspiration was the world of classical ballet, a world of pure light, with its glittering costumes and its many delicate details. From this inspiration I created my ethereal cashmere wraps with gold Lurex, envisioned to cover the bare shoulders of ballerinas off stage.”

She continues, “Inspired by the beautiful geometries of nature, I named my collection ‘Living Geometries’. I enjoy animal prints because they have an aesthetic element, which with the right eye can be translated into elegant and sophisticated motifs. As a designer, I aim at making women more sophisticated and beautiful, rather than flaunting their sex-appeal.”

I asked Greta what she considers to be her most rewarding professional accomplishment to date. She replied,
“I took my previous career and my talent to another level, building a luxury brand and a beautiful collection of products that has been already acknowledged and praised by many professionals from the fashion world. Moreover, unparalleled artists and celebrities such as legendary ballerina Natalia Makarova and prima ballerina Diana Vishneva love and wear Lupetta.”

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