Livermore Cinemas – Now Green, Solar Powered by Solyndra

Livermore Cinemas - Solyndra solar power system

Solar power technologies continue to advance and become more utilized in our society.

The Livermore Cinemas in Livermore California, now holds the distinction of being the largest solar power system installation on the roof of a movie theater anywhere in the world.

The project was completed by SPG Solar, Inc. It was the largest solar system on a movie theater in America. Livermore Cinemas now has a fully operational 132 kW rooftop system, producing 190,000 kilowatt-hours per year to help power the all-digital multiplex cinema.

The solar system utilizes 805 state of the art solar modules, manufactured by Solyndra.

The Livermore Cinemas project contains more than 21 miles of tubular solar cells. The unique Solyndra design, allows for maximum coverage and easy installation on commercial low-slope rooftops.

Headquartered in Fremont, California – Solyndra systems are designed to provide the lowest installed cost per system and the highest solar electrical energy output for typical low slope commercial rooftops.


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