Liberace Museum

Liberace Museum

The Liberace Museum is located in two buildings within a mini-mall on Tropicana Avenue. Visiting it is a deeply American experience, like Liberace himself.

Liberace was as flamboyant as they came. What is especially interesting, is how open he was to being gay in an era when it was so very hush, hush.

However, one doesn’t have to be a fervent Liberace fan to appreciate the sheer spectacle that is the Liberace Museum.

Besides the shimmery gold sign and the tinkly piano music wafting from the lobby, who could guess what waits inside the squat stucco building?

This museum has a $6.50 entrance fee, but is well worth it. You can see everything possible dealing with the pianist, and spend a lot of time marveling at the wonders this Museum has to offer.

The museum is filled with endless rows of lavish costumes. Video footage of Liberace shows him to be the consummate entertainer, effortlessly balancing elaborate spectacle and friendly chatter to please his portly, middle-aged fans.

Liberace wasn’t afraid to pull out all the stops for his audiences, such as bringing luxury Rolls Royce cars on stage or telling virgin mink jokes, either. He seemed to enjoy his celebrity status with gusto, and it showed during his energetic performances.

Liberace Museum Piano


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