Le Baiser du Dragon – Perfume by Cartier

Le Baiser du Dragon - Perfume by Cartier

The House of Cartier continue to amaze. Known around the world for their luxury line of luxury jewelry and watches, they have done it again with a breathtaking perfume titled, Le Baiser du Dragon.

Cartier has designed a chic exclusive bottle of overwhelming decadence. The perfume bottle is a true architectural masterpiece. It’s a tasteful blend of exotic Chinese culture combined with a modern Art Deco form.

The Le Baiser du Dragon scent really makes a statement. It starts big and bold, like orientals from bygone days.

The amaretto note, a sweet almond liqueur, is very balanced: not too boozey, not too yummy, never crossing the line between a perfume and an after dinner treat.

Le Baiser du Dragon draws you in with a lot of promise, which is where it will hook you forever.

Cost for a bottle of Le Baiser du Dragon will run you about $175.00.


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