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LAS8 Paris
LAS8 Paris

Based in Paris, France – LAS8 Paris is a trendy fashion house that  features only rare and luxurious leathers.

The stunning leather collection featured at LAS8 Paris Fashion House is grounded in French fashion know-how.

LAS8 Paris was founded by Philippe Anton and Fabien Paludetto and their leather collection truly represents both a prestigious and high quality fashion for exotic leathers and fur lovers.

LAS8 Paris Fashion House is backed by specialist workshops that work tirelessly to locate and select the best skins.

The goal of LAS8 Paris is to provide each customer with his/her own jacket, and each unique piece is tailored to their taste and personal wishes.

LAS8 Paris - leather fashion collection
LAS8 Paris

During an interview with Founder and Partner Fabien Paludetto, we had the chance to ask him several questions about LAS8 Paris.

– What is the inspiration for your fashion designs?
Our main source of inspiration is the “material” that we use. Furs and exotic skins are a true passion for my partner and I. We are fascinated by the animal world. We love working with interplay of 2 or 3 different leathers and colors on each model, and we manage to create assortments are innovating on the market, for example with our stingray collar.

The use and the work of skin is a valuable learning constantly. That’s what we love. Able to work the skins and furs is a treasure for us. Currently fewer craftsmen have the knowledge to work on these skins. France is recognized for years as an expert in this market. What makes each model unique and valuable. The work of skin and fur requires a true expertise.

There is also the historical aspect in connection with exotic skins and their origins. This precious link that brings human closer to its origins.

Each time when we create a model, we want develop a timeless creation. What is important for us Is that our customer always find the same pleasure to wear the model he or she has selected, year after year. Our models are designed like precious jewels. What is important for us is to respect our commitments, rigor, and provide the highest quality to our customers. Be as exigent as could be your clients. And above all always be in a dynamic of creation and discovery in order to preserve the excellence of each model.

– What is your vision of the luxury leather industry and the drive behind your “customer-first” mission?
We are animated by the desire to create and provide exclusive models and services to our customers, by the permanent expectations that we have regarding our creations. We select and use the best skins, work with high skilled specialist workshops in France, look for exclusive leathers… This is the “spirit” of our work – this is how we consider “luxe”.

Our customers are people who have high expectations, in terms of style (they know exactly what they like), in terms of quality (they are sensitive to refined items), in terms of services (they appreciate to be considered as exclusive people, since we can personalized our models to their taste in terms of colors and type of skins).

We receive our customers on our showroom by appointment, so they can count on our full attention. We want our showroom to be a “secret” place, where our customers can discover our luxurious and exclusive creations and imagine with our help and advice a personalized model. We are very reactive to an appointment request, and we are able to arrange the meeting very quickly, according to the availability of our customers.

– Where would you like to see your company grow to in the next several years?
That is a interesting question. Actually, our fashion house is today at the beginning of its story, we are based in Paris and have a permanent showroom in this fashion capital. We would like to develop this Parisian address with customers from all around the world.

Regarding our development abroad, it is a bit early to say exactly where we will develop. Our collection receives very encouraging feedback from the Middle East, Germany and the United States market. We are therefore particularly careful to these areas.

All the states around France (Italy, England, Germany, Switzerland…) are also important for us. The fashion industry is deeply rooted in Europe and Paris is one of the heart of the fashion dynamic. As we also love to work furs, we are also necessarily sensitive to the northern Europe market and Asia.

We also plan to develop our distribution channels worldwide with collaborations with exclusive and luxury boutiques around the world.

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