Kurt Rappaport, A Very Wealthy Realtor

Kurt Rappaport

Realtor Kurt Rappaport is very well known in the Los Angeles area. Not only does he earn a huge income by being a co-owner of the swankiest and most exclusive boutique brokerages in the L.A., but Kurt also makes millions of dollars by personally listing and selling the luxurious homes of the very rich and famous in Los Angeles.

For those of us who don’t him by name, you’ll probably recall this. He sold his own huge house on Calle Vista Drive in Beverly Hills to Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes in April of 2007. The amount was a shocking $30,500,000.

So where did Kurt Rappaport and his wife end up? They purchased the enormous house owned by auto accessories and tire tycoon, Lawrence Kraines (Kraco).

It was on the market for almost a year, but the 12,981 s.f. mansion finally sold for $15,990,000. Nice discount off the asking price of $18,950,000.   Full article


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