Kumi Kookoon – Fine Silk Bedding, Accessories and Loungewear

kumi kookoon silk bedding
Courtesy of: Kumi Kookoon

Kumi Kookoon offers some of the finest silk, bedding, accessories and loungewear anywhere in the world.

Now you can wrap yourself in true luxury with Kumi Kookoon, and enjoy the finest silk bedding, accessories and loungewear brand.

Setting the mood with sensual fabrics that are hypo-allergenic in rich colorful hues, the collection has quickly become a celebrity must-have with styles that are contemporary yet timeless, plush yet refined, and brilliant yet soft.

Kumi Kookoon has many famous celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sharon Stone, Blake Lively, Elizabeth Taylor, and Scarlett Johansson resting easy at night.

Silk bedding, known to wick away moisture while you sleep, keeps you quite cool, even on the hottest of summer nights. Kookoon’s bedding is hypo-allergenic, wards away dust mites and mildew and is a perfectly soft sleeping companion for people with arthritis and joint ailments.

kumi kookoon silk bedding
Courtesy of: Kumi Kookoon

Not only for the most restful nights, silk’s natural amino acids have beauty boosting benefits including delaying wrinkles and enhancing shine and smoothness of hair follicles preventing “bed head.”

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