Kristin Cavallari

Although no one had ever heard of this spoiled blond until the O.C.-inspired reality show “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” turned Kristin Cavallari into a pseudo celebrity.

When asked the first time she realized she was hot, “Same as any other girl, when we develop boobs and stuff. But I don’t consider myself hot. I still feel like the same big dork I’ve always been.”

“Be yourself, don’t care what other people think, have a lot of confidence. At least make it look like you have a lot of confidence. Pretend if you need to.”

Regarding how bad the paparazzi got, “I’d have twelve cars waiting outside my house. I was 19. The paparazzi got out of hand. My makeup artist always told me that if you’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to you.

On the L.A. nightlife, “It’s the same people, the same thing, every single night. This L.A. lifestyle isn’t really for me. Everyone’s naked. The plastic surgery thing. It gets old. It’s hard to meet a guy here.”

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