Iconic Hollywood Sign Gets a Makeover

Iconic Hollywood Sign Gets a Makeover
Hollywood Sign

Tinseltown has been a long desired place for those willing to take a chance into become a Hollywood movie star. The rags to riches dream is a long shot but one stable fact is the world famous Hollywood Sign still towers over the L.A. area.

Everything ages with time and so does the Hollywood Sign. It’s time for a major makeover!

The Hollywood sign received its last makeover back in the 1970’s when several celebrities such as Playboy founder Hugh Hefner helped by funding the project.

Originally built back in 1923, the famous landmark the represents the thriving Hollywood movie industry.

The sign will be stripped down to sheet metal, then primed and repainted with white paint. National paint brand Sherwin-Williams will supply their industry-leading Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex paint.

The makeover is expected to take 8 to 10 weeks and will require about 275 gallons of paint to bring the iconic sign back to a pristine condition.

Next year will mark landmark’s 90th anniversary and ensure it glimmers and remains a beacon for those with aspiring wishes for many years to come.


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