Hulopoe Beach Park

Hulopoe Beach Park

Hulopoe Beach Park on Lanai is a wondrous part of this little island. Hulupoe is located on the south east coast of Lanai and is not that far from the Manele Bay boat landing, which is just below the luxurious Manele Bay Hotel Lanai Hawaii.

The Hulopoe Beach Park has a relatively steep shoreline, making it an ideal swimming spot. This lovely beach is also carpeted in beautiful golden sand.

Body boarding and surfing are several of the popular activities, along with snorkeling. Snorkeling is especially popular, due to the high number and variety of tropical fish that live in the area’s coral filled crystal waters. Of course for those who are a bit more adventurous, off-shore diving excursions are available.

The warm Pacific waters surrounding the park are also home to a thriving marine reserve. Because of this, fishing is restricted to only a simple hook and line from the shore. Due to the presence of this marine safe house.

The Hulopoe waters are also alive with stingrays and jellyfish. Swimmers should always be aware of their surroundings and not panic if they do happen to cross paths with one of these two potentailly dangerous species.

Lanai’s Hulopoe Beach is one of the few places you can legally camp and experience a memorable night under the clear, Pacific night sky. The park itself is equipped with restrooms that have both showers and running water. In addition, there are several picnic tables and barbecue sites distributed around the park’s six camp sites.

Camping permits are issued by the Lanai Company (the owners) and many times not valid for more than seven days.

Visitors to Hulopoe Beach also have access to shaded picnic areas, barbeque sites, and falls directly at the doorstep of the The Manele Bay Hotel and the Lodge at Koele.

Hulupoe Beach is a must for vacationers of Lanie. Who can resist the allure of the soft, white sands, 70 degree waters, and the intricate tide pools that populate this scenic area.

Hulupoe is truly one of Hawaii’s best beaches.


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