Hugo’s Cellar – A Must Try Dining Experience

Hugo's Cellar - Four Queens Casino Hotel Las Vegas

Hugo’s Cellar, located on the lower level of the Four Queens Hotel is a somewhat pricey, romantic, continental style restaurant with decent ambiance.

Not very large, it is a bit noisy, with good food, very experienced servers, soft lighting, and good jazz played at reasonable decibels. What makes Hugo’s a MUST TRY dining experience are the little extras provided and their incredible and remarkable service.

Upon arrival, the hostess provides each female guest with a perfect long stemmed red rose, and then escorts the party to a table. The bus person is immediately clued to bring complimentary bottled water and a vase to the table. Once water glasses have been filled, warmed hand towels provided, bread and cheese placed on the table and the roses are in water, the waiter magically appears to take drink and dinner orders. Drinks in front of you signal the salad chef to wheel his cart to the table.

The idea of allowing each guest to choose his own ingredients, quantity and dressing is simply brilliant! It not only cuts waste and cost for management, but also delights the patrons. Salad plates there almost always are empty when removed by the bus person! Immediately after the table is cleared, tiny cones of raspberry sorbet are brought to cleanse the palate before the main course arrives.

Dinner is over now, but your evening is not! If you ordered coffee, it comes with a tray of delightful things to add to it, such as cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, brown and raw sugar, orange and lemon peels, chocolate shavings….and a complimentary dessert tray! This consists of a lazy susan of white and dark chocolate covered strawberries and dried fruits, with a dipping bowl of whipped cream.

This signals the dessert cart to be brought over to your table (I cannot fathom needing any further dessert). The waiter then brings the bill and removes the vase of roses, which clues the hostess that a check has been served, and the bus people that a table will soon be needing their attention. When the waiter has the paid bill in his hand, he leaves the individually wrapped roses on the table for the ladies to have.

Authored by: Sandra Oertell

Hugo’s Cellar
Four Queens Casino Hotel
202 Fremont Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Dinner 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm daily


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