How to Pair Wine with Food – Helpful Pairing Tips

wine glass bottle

A common question for foodies is how to pair wine with food? The old adage that white wine pairs well with fish while red wine works with meat, serves as good advice to begin.

Wine expert Brandon Walsh is the president of Reston, Va.-based Hosted Wine Tasting and offers the following wine tips:

– Try to match the weights of the wine with the food being served.
– Wines should always be served at their optimal serving temperatures, as well.

Try these suggested wine and food pairings for a great tasting meal:

– Lighter-bodied white wines include reisling and pinot grigio.
– Medium-bodied wines include sauvignon blanc while chardonnay is a fuller, heavier-bodied wine.
– Lighter-bodied wines go well with salads, as well as light fish, such as sushi.
– Medium-bodied wines works well with light and flakey fish as well as poultry.
– Heavier-bodied whites, such as chardonnay, pair very well with salmon or swordfish.


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