House of Breguet Acquires Two Historic Watch Pieces at Christie’s Auction

Breguet no°4039 luxury watch

CEO Marc A. Hayek is the CEO of Montres Breguet SA and has been committed to preserving the luxury watch brand’s historic and cultural legacy. Breguet recently announced it acquired two historic watch pieces at Christie’s Auction held in Geneva, Switzerland.

The watch company purchased two incredible watch lots. The first was a beautiful Breguet no°4039 watch. This exceptional, half quarter repeating watch features an eccentric hour dial and an indication of the date. This luxury was first Sold back on September 30, 1825 to the Duke of Berwick.

The Breguet no°4039, 18K gold and silver pocket watch is the perfect example of the brand’s extra slim repeating timepieces made “sur les principles des chronomètres” which translates into “on the principles of chronometers.”

The second watch is an extremely, rare Breguet Tourbillon no°1176. This gorgeous timepiece was once owned by Count Potocki. This luxury watch is the first four-minute tourbillon and third tourbillon watch ever made by Abraham-Louis Breguet. Tourbillon no°1176 pocket chronometer watch features a fan-shaped power reserve sector that is calibrated for 35 hours. The watch also includes a small hour dial, in addition to small rings for the two subsidiary seconds.

The total price paid for the two Breguet watches at Christie’s Auction was 750’000 Swiss francs. The no°4039 went for the price of 70’000 Swiss francs. The prestigious Tourbillon no°1176 luxury watch is stunning and was purchased for more than 680’000 Swiss francs.

Both the Breguet no°4039 and Tourbillon no°1176 will become valuable additions to important collection of celebrated, Breguet horological watch pieces.

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