Braille Inspired Jewelry by Gemvara

Gemvara - Braille Sterling silver ring withruby
Photo: Gemvara

A growing trend in the fashion industry is catering to people who are blind or visually impaired.

By wearing braille jewelry, it provides a unique means to communicate one’s message or feelings. has recently launched several new jewelry pieces that include Braille messaging.

Although a few lower-end jewelry makers and other online jewelry companies also offer braille inspired jewelry, is a high-end, custom jewelry design website and has incorporated Braille into their high-end designs that provide its jewelry wearers a “hidden message” of sorts.

This new jewelry line from Gemvara offers several wonderful designs with Braille.

If you don’t see something you perfectly like, no problem.  Gemvara is totally customizable.

You can request your perfect creation by combining the designs in another precious metal or gemstone combination.

To view the Gemvara braille jewelry collection, please visit –


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