Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière Offers Artisanal Cupcakes

Hotel Fouquet - Chef Barrière artisanal cupcakes

Recognized as Paris France’s leading ecologically responsible “palace” hotel, the luxury Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière offers the principal characteristics of elegance, refinement and modern technology.

Although the cupcake has long been known as an American dessert, the Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière is trying to change that opinion.

The pastry chef from Paris’ Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière, Claude Ducrozet, will introduce five, delicious flavors of artisanal cupcakes — chocolate, strawberry-lemon, pineapple-mango, carrot with cream cheese and raspberry-pistachio.

These tasty cupcakes will be available in October and can be enjoyed at the Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière elegant Le Lucien Bar.

Each of these cupcake creations is truly a work of art. Enjoy one of these artisan cupcakes, made with both French style and flair.

Anytime morning to night, accompany your coffee, tea, or a cocktail with a delicious cupcake from pastry chef Claude Ducrozet

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