Home Sweet Home Video – Ultimate Asset Protection

House fire

It’s scary to think what would happen if you lost one or all of your treasured personal assets. Well now there’s a product available to help you prepare for the unexpected.

So what do famous celebrities and high net-worth individuals such as Courtney Love do to protect their own homes, art, furniture and jewelry from fires, theft, earthquakes and divorce?

Well, they wisely hire Home Sweet Home Video to carefully document all of their home assets.

In addition, the company provides them with a complete DVD including every detail of their home, in the event any disaster should occur. If you happen to live in Southern California, that outcome is likely.

Amy Reiss and Melissa Carr of Pacific Palisades have become the most trusted home inventory specialists in Southern California.

Celebrities and high net-worth individuals rely on their professionalism, confidentiality and expertise to inventory their homes to provide peace of mind in case of incidents such as fires, earthquakes, mudslides, divorce and theft.

They provide a professionally detailed room by room report by category: including art, furniture clothing, handbags, jewelry and the overall architectural details of the home.

Benefits From Utilizing Home Sweet Home Video:

* Clients who use Home Sweet Home Video feel that they are saving money for the future by securing their assets now. With a comprehensive DVD that details all assets, clients can work with insurance companies or attorneys in a much more simplified manner in what will most likely be a difficult time

* Living in Southern California it is best to plan for the unexpected, and clients that have documented their assets, whether it is for fear of a fire or mudslide or before a marriage or for a family estate, have been given peace of mind that if something should happen, they are protected

* Clients from Malibu to Beverly Hills have lauded the professional quality of Home Sweet Home Video and the feeling of security they felt when the project was completed and they were handed a complete inventory report

* Past and current clients include celebrities, rock stars, Hollywood agents and producers, homeowners, business managers, insurance companies and divorce and estate attorneys

For additional product information and customer testimonials, please visit www.HomeSweetHomeVideo.com or call (310) 230-1437


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