Holy Shroud on Display in Torino, Italy

The Holy Shroud - Jesus Christ
Holy Shroud

Torino in Italy, is known around the world for its art and culture. Many know this city as Turin, but locally known as Torino, the city of extraordinary historic and artistic wealth, including fabulous museums and Baroque buildings.

Torino, Italy will be exhibiting The Holy Shroud for the first time in ten years. The Holy Shroud is said to be the linen cloth that Jesus Christ’s body was wrapped after the Crucifixion.

This Spring, all of Italy is preparing for this exciting event. The public exhibition of the Holy Shroud, will be held in Torino’s St. John the Baptist Cathedral, located in Piazza San Giovanni (San Giovanni Square).

The 2010 Holy Shroud Exhibition will be an event of worldwide importance. Historians and religious figures are looking forward to this once in a lifetime event.

The importance from a religious point of view cannot be overstated enough. Even Pope Benedict XVI has plans to visit the Shroud exhibition on May 2nd.

The Holy Shroud is one of the world’s most sacred of religious artifacts. The Shroud is well preserved and kept away from public view.

But occasionally, the Holy Shroud is put on display for public viewing. The last time this occurred was ten years ago.

According to historians, the linen cloth that’s kept in the Cathedral of Torino, is the same Shroud that is mentioned in the Bible’s New Testament. The cloth was used to wrap the body of Jesus Christ in the sepulcher, after his Crucifixion.

In 1578, the Shroud first arrived in Torino based on the request of the Savoy family. It’s been preserved inside the Cathedral of Torino since 1589, and studied for years in order to better understand its origin and authenticity.

The 2010 Holy Shroud Exhibition will be held from April 10th to May 23rd, 2010. Church viewing hours are from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, daily.

For more information go to: Holy Shroud (Official Site)


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