Stylish Window Displays for the Holidays

Walking by up-scale retail stores during the holiday season is a memorable journey.  Stylish window displays abound.  It’s a treat for our shopping, glazed over eyes.  Stores around the world spare no expense decorating their displays to dazzle us with sound, lights and incredible visual images.  They’re no longer just for show, but to create an advertising buzz to attract shoppers and get them into their stores.

At Harrods in London, window manager Sarah Southgate created a beautiful Russian Winter’s Tale, complete with scenes from classic ballets like “Sleeping Beauty” and “Swan Lake”, as well as captivating scenes of winter gardens in Czarist Russia.  To catch shopper’s eyes, an Oscar de la Renta dress is featured in a woodland scene.  Cost: £6,700 (about $13,400).  Full article


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