Breguet Commemorates the Bicentennial of the Invention of the Wristwatch

Breguet Commemorates the Bicentennial of the Invention of

the Wristwatch

April 25, 2012. New York, NY—Breguet kicked-off its celebration of the 200th anniversary of the invention of the wristwatch at its Fifth Avenue boutique on the evening of Tuesday, April 24th, with a cocktail reception hosted by the Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic. On hand to toast the festivities was Mr. Alan Gilbert, Music Director of the New York Philharmonic and Mr. Joshua Bell, Grammy Award-winning violinist.

“Breguet has been linked to arts and culture for more than 200 years and we are delighted to have Breguet as the exclusive timepiece of the New York Philharmonic,” said Mr. Gilbert. “Like the Philharmonic, Breguet is synonymous with excellent timing and precision!”

The first wristwatch, that ubiquitous invention now found on almost every person’s wrist, was actually created for none other than a queen. In 1810, the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat (sister of Napoleon Bonaparte), commissioned Abraham-Louis Breguet to create the first ever timepiece to fit around her wrist. In an era when timepieces were typically pocket watches and clocks, Breguet began work on yet another innovation destined for the history books. The historical piece was finally delivered in 1812 and the Queen of Naples’ commission would become watch No 2639.

The Breguet watch company is paying tribute to the Queen of Naples through an incomparable exhibition: “1810-1812 Breguet Makes the First Wristwatch, Fit for a Queen.” This exhibit was launched in Geneva, Switzerland and following its undeniable success, Breguet is taking this exhibit on a world tour.

Archives have made it possible to retrace this historical retrospective of the unprecedented creation of this unique wristwatch. According to historical documents, Breguet created a thin oblong repeater watch with a silver dial and Arabic numerals, mounted on a wristlet of hair woven with gold threads. The final product was delivered on December 21, 1812 and is last known to be in the possession of the Queen’s daughter Louise in 1849. Interpreting the specifications from the archives, the Breguet watch brand recreated this historic timepiece in its line of ladies watches, appropriately named “Reine de Naples,”

The House of Breguet is also taking the opportunity to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its Reine de Naples flagship ladies collection. The Reine de Naples collection is unmistakably a true work of art epitomising an ideal blend of aesthetic elegance and technical virtuosity.

The exhibit, representing an authentic ode to femininity, is further enriched by a selection of exceptional Haute Joaillerie creations and Breguet once again proves that beauty and innovation are the keynotes of all its creations.

The exhibit will be hosted at the Breguet Boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York City from April 25-May 13 and then continue on to the Breguet Boutique in Las Vegas from May 17-June 3rd.

As a grand finale, a world-scale event in honour of the 200th anniversary of the first wristwatch ordered by Caroline Murat is scheduled for September 2012 at Capri, the famous seaside resort in the Gulf of Naples.

Since it was acquired by the Swatch Group in 1999, Montres Breguet has rapidly moved into the world number one position in luxury watchmaking. Its new products, the true measure of brand dynamism, and its capacity for innovation continue to be a priority.


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