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Hey Dude Skin Care
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Men are more concerned about the look and health of their skin than ever before. What used to an area exclusively for women, men are increasingly looking for good skin and the best skin care products available.

Who wants to be a Dud when you can be a cool Dude! Hey Dude Skin Care now offers “Grooming for the Every Man.”

Hey Dude Skin Care is a new line of men’s skin care products that is specifically designed to provide today’s active man the essential tools he needs to combat the natural effects of aging and external conditions upon his face and body.

Hey Dude Skin Care is made from high quality organic ingredients including hyaluronic acid and other essential nutrients.
* Seaweed Extracts
* Purified Water: No longer contains bacteria or minerals
* Phenoxyethanol: Natural preservative from grain
* Ethylhexlglycerin: Natural preservative from vegetable

The line of skin care products are designed to provide the modern man the essential tools to combat the natural effects of aging and other external conditions affecting his own skin.

The goal of Hey Dude Skin Care products is to offer men a means to protect, repair and maintain his skin.

The company has available a wide variety of products and functions to moisturize and cleanse deeply into the cellular level of a man’s facial skin.

Unlike other one-dimensional skin care products for men, Hey Dude Skin Care provides a comprehensive line to help treat a wide variety of male skin types.

For example, the company’s Aftershave product, contains seaweed extracts that combines with proteins from the outer layer of the skin and hair, to form protective moisturizing complexes.

Efficient hydration greatly enhances the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. Seaweed extracts decrease the irritation caused by shaving and depilation. Using Aftershave both calms and moisturizes the skin, while reducing redness and razor burn.

Susan Berner is the Founder and CEO of Hey Dude Skin Care and has actively been involved with the introduction, management and delivery of premium skincare products for more than thirty years.

Below is a list of available products:

* Cleanse: For the Slacker Dude (Clean Skin and Dude Wash)
* Shave: For the Not-so-Smooth Dude (Nary Hairy and aftershave)
* Anti-Aging: For the Forever Young Dude (Young Dude 4 Ever and Moisturize)
* Protect: For the Rugged Dude (Pale face with SPF 29 and Perfect Mineral Bronze Brush

For additional information, please visit: Hey Dude Skin Care


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