Hermes and Wally Building a Revolutionary Luxury Yacht

WHY yacht By Hermes & Wally
Photo courtesy of: Hermes

French fashion giant Hermes, who is known around the world for its luxury Birkin handbags and silk scarves, is now branching out into another luxury product line … revolutionary luxury yachts.

Luxury clothing designer Hermes and Monaco based yacht maker Wally are collaborating together and developing the ultimate luxury yacht.

The yacht by Wally-Hermes Yachts, will be named “WHY” for short. It will be the first yacht for Hermes who have previously helped design a luxury helicopter and a collection of smart cars.

Naval architect Mauro Sculii said: “The advantage of traveling on the WHY boat is that you take your own space with you, your house, your island so you are not in a hurry to arrive, you just have the pleasure of traveling and being on board. That’s the novelty. Usually a boat is just a means of transport.”

The WHY yacht will come equipped with the latest high tech amenities, gorgeous modern design and spacious living dimensions.

The two companies unveiled a real-size model of the 38-metre (125ft) wide vessel late last month in Ancona, Italy.

WHY yacht - Hermes & Wally (back)
Photo courtesy of: Hermes

Gabriele Pezzini, Design Director of Hermes said: “The designers wanted to totally rethink the relationship between man and sea.”

What makes WHY so unique is its size. Instead of a traditional tapered stern, the WHY has a sheared off appearance. This design gives access to a naturally-lit spa, which includes a traditional Turkish Hammam.

Luca Bassini, founder of design company Wally said: “I think the best part of this boat is the stern. It’s not like the usual stern of a boat, it’s more like the real beach of an island; a beach which is protected from the wind and the waves, where you can really relax.”


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