Helpful Tips to Take Care of Your Fashion Fur Coat

fur coat

Fur garments are still the rage with many affluent people who desire the look, feel and warmth they provide. But now that the brutal winter is behind us, many need to plan for the proper way to store and preserve them.

The owner of Central Fur Storage is Barry Kirsch and he is offering up some helpful tips to protect your fur coat and help with cleaning and storage suggestions.

– Can furs really crack and mold?
Barry says “yes.” If a fur is not properly kept in the ideal setting, that includes both temperature and humidity, then it will crack and tear. Barry states, “Ideally, climate controlled vaults should maintain a 34-50 degree Fahrenheit temperature and a humidity of between 45 and 50 %. After the extreme winter we’ve experienced, with back to back Polar Vortices, personal fur garments have definitely been exposed to harsh conditions and elements.”

– Watch out for bugs.
Bugs are always an issue with storing any type of garments but is especially critical for your fur. Various dust mites, vermin and moths love an unprotected fur coat. It’s important to maintain the proper temperature and humidity control during the long, storage period. Cedar closets have long been described as the best place for your fur coat. Although it can help keep deter moths and other critters away, the cedar wood also pulls in moister from the surrounding air and can speed up the drying and therefore cracking of furs. Not a good thing.

– Furs can attract and hold dirt like a magnet.
It’s important to properly clean and remove the built-up grease and dirt on your fur coat. Left unattended, the result is it will reduce the life of the garment and leave the fur skins looking both matted down and dull. By having your fur professionally cleaned, the process will soften and bring back the luster. For people who live in snowy climates, the salt and de-icing products can do damage to your fur coat so get them cleaned.

– Importance of routine repair and maintenance.
A fur coat can receive minor damage and should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. By leaving your fur in a professional storage facility, these repairs can be easily spotted by the pros and repaired.

Central Fur Storage was founded in 1947 and contains storage of around 130,000 garments including leather, furs, suedes, shearlings, fur trimmed and various fur lined items.

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