GT-V7650 Smart Phone from Samsung and Giorgio Armani

Samsung GT-V7650 smart phone
REUTERS/Paolo Bona

GT-V7650 smart phone is a new collaboration between Italian luxury brand Giorgio Armani and Samsung Electronics.

The GT-V7650 is a rose bronze-colored smart phone. The GT-V7650 will be one of the first mobile devices to be powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5.

The GT-V7650 has wireless Internet connectivity and was actually designed by Giorgio Armani himself. The new smart phone will come with camera functions and GPS capability.

“Three companies [Samsung Electronics, Giorgio Armani, Microsoft] which each represent their respective industry have met to create the ultimate smart phone with an innovative design, cutting-edge technology and the most recent software,” said Hong Won-pyo, vice president of Samsung Electronics’ product strategy division.

This is Samsung’s third collaboration with the famous fashion brand. The initial Giorgio Armani-Samsung phone was introduced back in 2007. Next was the Emporio Armani-Samsung phone, named the “Night Effect”. The Night Effect was introduced in 2008.


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